*I am running out of fresh, interesting posts to write. So because made a commitment to making a post a day, this post is running garbled gunk that came out of my brain down my behind my ears, bumped its way from just below my earlobes, around my neck like a twirling golfball in the cup, splitting in half and slipping down either of my shoulders, stopping at my rotator cup like a ski jumper, to knock into my funny bone before sliding to my wrists and bump out my finger tips onto the keys. 


The “Spring,” and I use that term loosely, is really starting to annoy me. My feet are freezing. The heavy blankets on the bed are annoying because between kicking them off and waking in the middle of the night to get up and find them at the foot on the floor when I wake cold.

Then there is a few research projects bugging me because they are still ongoing and by my expectations they should have been completed by now. Toss in a few newly inspired projects that I want to start on yesterday, but being the responsible business person that I am (hey, no snickering!), won’t see time for my attention until next month or later.

And, AND, I just tried to pad this post with frivolous description that served no real purpose.

Briefly discussed with my husband the storyline on a soap-opera, relaying the last year of storyline developments that he may or may not remember since his last vacation. I wish I could say that this interruption of my day for a soap was a reward for keeping on track for the day, but it isn’t.

It is a reminder of childhood and time with my mom and grandmother. Their soaps, a little snack to keep me quiet, and their indulgence. Good memories! As I grew up they were nap time for my kids, and sometimes myself as well. (Still sometimes I fall asleep during it now.)

For those persnickety readers, this post has been about absolutely nothing. No point, no beginning, middle or end. No point to be made, no discovery.  Mostly complaint, whining and a little feelies over my childhood; a filler post.

Thanks for reading!



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