Whats In Your Future?

Mine is  .  .  . under-construction. Sure, we all have aspects of our futures we are working towards, but we all have some amount of unforeseeable future that we can’t fully plan ahead for. This year has been full of some of that for me, and there has been some last minute events that popped up on my horizon the last half of 2017.

In May I hope to have some guest bloggers lending me some posts that you might not be familiar with. I have a really full schedule for the whole month, and I wanted to make sure that you had something new and interesting to distract you from my absence.

Then in June, I hope to be back up to speed —tell you all about how the publishing process is coming on Sinister,  plus some other things that are currently in the trial and error process that you might find interesting.

One comment I am going to make here, I have tried to learn from other bloggers. Some are more approachable than others. I try to give those that aren’t some slack (they have stressors that I know nothing about), but if you ever catch me being a “big-ike,” call me on it.(If you are thinking about blogging and have questions, feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer, but know someone who does or where you might find it, I will point you in that direction. )

Not quite ready to reveal a lot of what is going on behind the scene, mainly because I know how quickly things can change and in the midst of change, there are usually some tiny fires that have to be put out before they become out of control. You have had those moments, I bet.

Already this year I have made three trips. Yes, three, and two of them were in February. Talk about a year of adventure! I didn’t realize when I decided to look upon 2018 as an adventure that it would be a literal perspective!

I wanted to get some photos and posts about the trips up this month, but between them and what was already on my plate, that intent seemed to stay at the bottom of the list. Sound familiar?

While I am showing off some friends, getting those posts pulled together will be a little higher in the priority stack. Hope that makes up for what appears to be a flakey existence.




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