Sojourning Soul

Landed. Trying to get life unboxed and working to finish the story in time to publish later this year.  Plan right now is to finish it, work on making the best story possible and then polishing it for a week or two at the very least before release.

We are going to try something different with this – maybe, this is not a for sure thing- but a resale before the release. Starting about 90 days before the scheduled/planned/hope for release of October 31st, there may be some promotions to pre sell it.

Regardless the writing mania is on, so is the sketching of the cover. Whether I should attempt art or try to stage a photo remains to be seen. I wasn’t happy with the children’s picture book illustrations, so I am working with digital sketch tools. Whether or not that will create a cover image is yet to be seen.

Future purpose of the blog will likely be some short stories. I was going to self pub a freebie ebook – but heck. why don’t we just put it on the web and make it really accessible, huh? Can’t think of a reason not to, so there ya go.



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