I Have A Story For You To Write

How many writers— hobby, professional, wannabes hear that? Or from people wanting to share profits with you for ghostwriting their book?

Heard it. (You might be one of the people who said those words to me. Trust me, you weren’t the first and won’t be the last.) My answer is no.

Writing isn’t hard to do. Writing only takes the willingness to work on edits and revisions until it reads as you want. Anyone can do it.

My frustration comes from not having finely honed skills like Elmore Leonard, Flannery O’Connor, George Orwell, or Amy Hale. Working on it, but my ability is just not there, yet.

Like many moms, grandmas, too many volunteer commitments, paying bills, raising children and life’s unexpected events kept getting in my way. If you just happen to be female this paragraph doesn’t even need to be written, you know the many things that can keep you from your dreams.

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but it feels like maybe that ability is getting closer. Certainly editing has turned a corner for me. No longer is it the most painful experience it was in the beginning. Somehow it is becoming a favored experience.

No longer does my editing expectation contain the required resolution to any question or change that is needed. It is enough on a couple of read throughs that awareness a change needs to be made. What that change is, can come in a revision.

Yes, amazing that editing and rewriting is becoming a warm fuzzy moment in my writing. Something that used to be dreaded. You couldn’t have convinced me of this six years, or even last year.

The entire experience of writing a story is really becoming a joy. (Did I just write that?)

Happy reading!




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