It’s mid year. How are your 2019 resolutions looking? Raise your hand if you are already working on 2020, ushers, please escort those with raised hands out of this post. This is not their tribe.

Does anyone have half their 2019’s done? Raise your hand with pride, y’all! Ushers, help them out, please.

Anyone have any of 2019 done? You know the drill by now, and please don’t feel bad that your presence isn’t welcome. You would be so bored and feel out of place. It’s for your benefit that only us slackers are welcome here.

So, now that that order of business is attended to, I hoping only those still working on goals from previous years are still here. Any one else feel free to leave this post at your earliest convenience.

Yesterday I had to change my instagram profile snippet about the coming story “Sinister.” It is looking more like 2020 or maybe (prayer time) 2021 will be the likely year of publication. If my eyes roll any further back they may not ever make their appearance again.

Sorry. Truly sorry. My work ethic and effort hasn’t been called into question. Sanity, oh- sure! In the years since the children’s stories have been published and the pending adult age appropriate story’s appearance is due more to my awareness, experience and work to improve not only the story, but my ability to tell it.

Heard all this before? Long suffering followers, you have heard my shapeel before. (THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means a lot to me that you have stuck with me this long.) The difference between when you first heard it and now? Best to see for yourself.

No promises, no expectations. Just here to let you know I am still here as well. Reading, writing, studying and working towards telling stories better. See you here again soon.



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