About Me

Eh? Mostly attempts of poetry.  Looking back this was the form that probably started it all.  Is it about me? Mostly it is about being human.  About living life.  Expression and communication.  Something on some level we all seek.  You really don’t want to know about me, as much as you would like to connect with and identify with another living soul.  That in itself, to me, makes this page worthy of the words you find below.  


New Apartment

New Apartment

Tiny Apartment

A few feet from the tracks

Back on the wrong side?

Who knows?

Money doesn’t equal good

Rare but sometimes it doesn’t equal power

Step back

Almost 33 years

Tiny then, tiny now

Cheap then, cheap now

Only nicer

Nice ‘hood, too


My mind plays tricks

Like the clack of the tracks

Dodge a fist

Whack a rat

This ceiling has no crack over my head

To trace each night  as I lie awake

And  try to sleep

Here I won’t be alone on end

Cathartic place

I keep it all in

Because it isn’t much

My bad is merely tinged with dust

I have heard the wails of a battered wife

Seep beneath the cracks in walls

And through the glass

Shattering the quiet night

A place loud both day and night

Now, this place so eerily quiet

I relive the past

When I See You Again

If I see you in public,

what should I say?

Hi, Hello, How are you,

or run the other way?

Our paths crossed

and you left your mark

Some marks are treasured

others can’t be erased.

Am I there yet,

where neither matters.

Has indifference taken place?


I see you again.

Ode to RC and Reese’s Cups

IF only those chocolate and peanut butter cups could hold the sugary liquid,

all would be right with my world.

Let the errors of my tongue

and the fumble of my feet be damned.

The pillow upon a blanketed bed to rest

 is merely the top of these indulgences.

The strength and stamina to fuel another minute,

my lifeline of energy, hidden in a cupboard

and pushed behind the milk and the tea.

Touch not my sweet nectar of sanity.


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