About Me

I have been writing since I could walk and hold a crayon.

Writing with crayons on the wall behind the living room curtains, found by my mother, did not earn me critical acclaim. My next early attempt before learning my abc’s involved the ‘Elementary Webster’s Dictionary,’ of my older siblings, using various tools (crayons, ink pens, pencils, markers, etc) encompassed finishing out empty entry lines in scribbles, relabeling illustrations and generally filing all available empty spaces. Let’s call that my first rewrite published book, shall we?

During the teen years, typical long drawn out emotional poetry was written, often. A few failed attempts at journaling, temporarily were accumulated with some very poorly written stories begun, but not finished. Flat, paper doll characters and boring plots were pretty much the standard in all those early drafts.

Later as a young parent, besides reading with my children at bedtime, sometimes they would give me specific details that they wanted in their bedtime story. To comply, I would make up stories on demand.  Over time this reminded me of an early English college professor who tried to encourage me to change majors from Accounting to English Literature, (I didn’t listen); his advice after I sought out help on creating meaty plots and making characters leap off the page with personality and depth.

What you have before you, is my path of focusing on being a writer (whatever that means). Serious study of writing and story telling, has evolved since 2003. After a few wild tangent diversions into other career choices, but unable to quit writing, here you are witness to my progress as an avowed writing junkie.

A nod to the writing instructors, workshops participants and writers published and secret who have helped me increase my drive, build my skills, and encourage me.

For those who interested, there is a Patreon website.  Basically for a buck a month you can read the next rough draft story as it is written, starting in late September 2019.  If you would like to tip me for the free reading available here, click on over to my blog for the children’s stories and buy me a cup of coffee.  I really appreciate it! Thank you!

Happy reading!



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