That’s the Sugah!

Life truly is sweet – depending on the perspective you choose.  The best days in my life have been lived with rosy-pink tinted Pollyanna view finders on.  Finding the good things that add a little sweetness to life was easier with them.

For a while life dealt some doom and gloom, my spectacles were misplaced, but eventually they bubbled their way back to the top of the heap.  Reminding me that any burden bearing down needs an equal force to lift it back up.

Think happy, smiles, laughter, warm fuzzies. Things that cause, inspire and multiply is what I am after.  You can’t always have your nose to the grindstone, or work hard without some reward.

To borrow a favorite phrase of Natalie Schubert’s – “best ever!” is a good description of this segment of my blog. Those things – people, places, events, in general stuff, that adds a little sweetness to life (especially when life has become burnt and sour).

So here’s to looking on the brighter side.  Taking a moment to appreciate that which adds a little extra sugar to an already sweet life.

Thoughts On a Sunday 

Best Date Night Ever



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