Spring? Really?

This morning I spied some frost on the rooftops and checked the ground next. Yes, there was markings of frost and the dogs sure didn’t want to go out this morning.

We are in remodel mode on several fronts.  I am still researching that darn story. I have to call and make some appointments for some interviews this week and get some more details down.

Have you ever been on the edge of a life change? If so, do you remember the chaos that preceded, at the same time, and immediately afterward?  I am in that chaos somewhere.

This post is short and sweet due to that chaos thing that is perpetually tossing up changes in my day. Maybe next week it will be a bit more controllable?

We started painting the living room. Done. Now in the midst of painting the kitchen. I ditched on the hubs to come make a blog post so I can’t stay long.

Have a better week then me!



Me, Being Mom


***The eldest is doing a podcast with his buds. (They need script submissions.) The premise of the show is reading a script cold. Tongues get twisted, and some vulgar language (warning), and cursing, spontaneously spew out, if that offends, don’t even.

Out of the first six episodes four have additional guest voices.

  • Episode 3 — Ryan Hartley
  •  Episode 5— Noelle Fabian Dragon
  •  Episode 6 —Sophie Hard

Harley along with writing, also reads along with the guys. The ladies lend their voices a trilogy.

The scripts have been a range of stories behind them from end of the world Cheech and Chong style story to mystery. The primary script writer to date is Joey Skaggs, also performs. Joey keeps asking for others to send in their script (email them to bigkidstudios15@gmail.com )

Collin Buckingham, as they say, runs the levers and knobs. For people like me, it means he is the sound guy. The quietest of the four, is the sound guy. Is that how that works? Nice work on the levers and knobs, Collin.

Adario Mercadante, a comedian who also has some acting chops. He is the comic relief. Rumors about that sometime ago he may have swallowed an old Jewish lady, and don’t ride a bicycle under the influence anywhere near where he is driving.

Michael Kolb, is my offspring. Despite all the time sitting in front of a mike to do the show he has kept his podcast bod in shape. Michael is the best eldest son a mom could have. He is my biggest supporter, so duh, I am trying to be his.

The final in the three parter will be out next Monday, March 26, 2018. Ragged Rock is a trilogy about a town, doppelgängers and dead bodies. That’s all I am going to tell you about it. You just need to go listen.

Listen, like, share, leave 5 star reviews. Help a mom out here, don’t want them all moving back home.

The show is open to performing submitted scripts. Write a script and submit. Email to bigkidstudios15@gmail.com

Listen to the podcast

They are everywhere.

*** The Patreon account they have a Private Script Read Reward that gives you a straight script read. They will read with no cut ups, mistakes or fart jokes. Sounds like a good deal.


What? It is, what it is.  I am not looking back, but forward. There is a lot of work ahead for 2018. I am down to seven months before I release my first grown up fiction. (Cross your fingers.)

I started self publishing children’s fiction because, well, I made a promise. And I am keeping it. But. My heart isn’t in it at the moment. The whole time I have been working on the two in print, and one or two that are in research and what I like to call brainstorming time, my heart has gone back to my first love.

An eclectic story telling that runs the gamut of many genres. That whole genre/style/categorizing aspect is one I have to work on. I nuzzle up to one and then another, not really sticking with one— but I know I have to so that I can have an approach to marketing the stories as they are finished.

There has been a distinct shift in my perspective about writing and business. A good shift that has given me the distance. I may have a loose handle on the writing process, but the business side up to now has been total chaos. Hoping the changes in my approach to marketing and my perspective to paying gigs gets an adjustment.

Anyone want to share their blog or experience at this next stage? Going from a finished product to getting your work in front of the eyes of a reader? Go for it. Suggests away.



Getting It Together – So To Speak

Yesterday was the pits. There were a lot of little annoyances that gathered together and just sat like a dark cloud over the day. Sounds awful, but not really. The day trudged along and so did I, until. (Deep sigh.)


The. Next. Item. On. My. List. Of. To-dos. Was. Shopping. My. Closet.


“Shopping my closet,” by my definition and many others is when you have to prepare for an event, travel, or whatever the reason for one or more outfits ahead of time. For me it was a weekend trip coming up. Very specific because of weather differences between where I am and were I was going, as well as the anticipated activities.

Checking first the weather and temperatures, consider the room available for transporting me and the clothing, and how the various shirts and pants look on me in the mirror. Then consider how those same would handle being smashed into a bag, looking for fabrics that could take smushing and not need an iron was important. Also a big factor in choice was not needing special undergarments – you know – comfort level. No girdle or particular containment device necessary outfits were chosen over those with a better traveling fabric.

I think I went through those outfits that met my criteria several times trying to get down to the fewest items to cover the time and activity. Having clung all morning to an optimistic approach started wavering the moment the closet shopping began. There were some well loved shirts that just were not making the first cut. Then the pant issue really burdened my efforts of trying to enjoy the process.

Relief came when I settled on traveling in comfort and packing the main pants (rolling a pair of jeans to create a firm roll for a beloved top that tends to hold creases helped a bit to be wrapped around, any crease will be vertical and not horizontal. (Thinking hanging in the bathroom during steamy showers might make them less noticeable.) What was in my mind only going to take a few minutes took me two hours. (My eyes are rolling again just writing that.)

My mood plummeted after that. There was only one thing to do. A soaking bath and a glass of wine. Thank goodness there was plenty of good leftovers from earlier in the week for supper. A bright moment from planning ahead on cooking extra pork chops and a scrumptious pork tenderloin cooked in the Italian Beef style, there was enough for individual choices. A fend for yourself night that wasn’t going to leave anyone with junk food as their first choice.


*This was written before my trip to LA to be at my son’s watch party. I found it stuck back in the draft file. Do you ever think to clean out yours?

Distracted Brackets

So, I am a little behind with today’s post.

I nearly missed most of the basketball season. Life got busy, and I chose living each day to the fullest. Sometimes that happens, catching the scores if you catch the news or reading friends feed on social media keeps you up on favorite teams. I read tweets and signed up for teams to send me messages on final scores. Of course, Kentucky sends me during game tweets and have for years. It helped when my children were in school and had games the same nights.

Let me be honest here, I was not the only parent keeping track. There were a few parents and grandparents that during timeouts and half time would ask me the score. Now, whether this was merely to amuse them selves with the “Transplanted I BLEED BLUE Kentucky Girl at heart” or as I prefer to call them, real fans, I don’t know.

What I can tell you is that, I am not ALL about writing.

This year’s brackets were tough not only because of my lack of viewing many of the teams in other games, but also because some of these teams are new to my bracket choice. How have they performed this year? Haven’t got a clue. How have they placed in years past in their respective divisions? Don’t know. How ardent are their sixth man? How far will they travel to see their team play?

Many questions unanswered for me and the required research time, I don’t have. So this is a guess bracket. If I had the time, I would look at the scores of every game each team played. I would look at who they played, where they played in comparison. I would look at their fans and the determination of their support. All, and don’t mistake me, ALL of that goes into how I normally chose my choices.

This year, It was strictly made from the sheet. I looked at records, where is the team from, where are they playing and comparing that straightforward information for each game.

So, best of luck to all.


I caved

  • written as watching – because I couldn’t think of a better post.

I watched the Oscars. Well, actually, I am watching the Oscars, at least I am watching Kimmel’s monologue at the beginning. I love Helen Mirren!

Watching the first category, I am reminded of movies of the I missed and want to see. Good luck, Sam Rockwell, hope you win the jet ski. The commercial about making things was great. Not surprised that the commercials during the Oscar would be visually appealing and dynamic.

I will take Eva Marie Saint’s advice to mind, “Keep moving.”

Taraji (gorgeous) introducing Mary J, was a powerful stage moment. Mary J’s powerful voice held in thin control, phenomenal. The choral performance into commercial break was a nice touch. The well placed commercials that came after? Nicely orchestrated.

It seems like everyone wants a jet ski.

The musical performances thus far are so worth watching.

Rita Moreno, who I remember from Electric Company, is my hair mentor. Love her locks of grey.

This has been a visual and sound appealing ceremony thus far.

It there is a tribute to Carrie Fisher, I am going to cry.

Mark Hammill is the “La La Land” remark maker of the night. Wondered when that would drop.

Well, about time for the public’s appreciation, we pay the money that is cool.

Thank you for starting the trend of carrying high heels instead of wearing them, Maya and Tiffany!

No offense intended but I thought that Mary J. Blige’s song for Mudbound or “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

This has been not so much an emotional rollercoaster from the selected films to be celebrated, but the social dynamics that were portrayed in the films and even in the events of this ceremony of awards.

Well, that is all.







I have created a “blog giveaway” with RULES and ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and a POLICY – yeah – every thing over on my childrens author website By Julie Kolb – Good grief!

Also I am tracking my work hours.  (Thanks to Ryder Carroll and www.bulletjournal.com and Boho Berry and her tracker examples.) I am definitely working part-time job hours on the business side of this self employed writing career. Averaging 10-20 hours a week on marketing (all that Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Twitter, social media stuff) and administration, advertising, etc.

My big problem is tracking my writing time. Why am I tracking my writing time? Because people don’t really think about how much time it takes to start something like this. There are blogs aplenty about how to (how to do any and everything you can imagine – try it, let me know if and what you can’t find) posts including accounting for how much time and effort goes into being an indie author.

Did ya see that there? I inferred myself as an indie author, not a self published author.  WhY? I like it better.

Ok, so I still have some research I need to do for Sinister. But I have done my read through of just over 20,000 words actually written. I know the holes that need to be filled. I am getting notepads and pencils set up everywhere to make notes and write things as they come to me.

I had intended to start working on the rewrite after the new year, but with all the colds and viruses going around, I caught one. Was sick for a couple of weeks there, so now that I am no longer holding a tissue to my nose for the constant drip and the other to cover my cough my hands are free to write.

Have a SUPER Weekend (get it . . . Super Bowl)

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, Already? What?

So this week has gotten away from me. Yes, those critical ‘absolutely have to do’ items have been done and checked off the list. However, some of the more fun, really wanted to do things, well, they haven’t happened. Yet.

Some of those have been pushed off to the next opportunity around the things that have to be done next week. The end of this year isn’t going nearly as smoothly as I like. (Meaning I haven’t slept in anywhere as much as I had thought when I was looking ahead to December and the holidays.)

I had hopes of working down my list of things to do for the next book to the point I would be ready to start editing and rewriting the first of next year. Instead of making that list smaller, it seems to be morphing and growing at rate that is starting to intimidate me a bit.

But then I see the scar on my right forearm from the bicycle accident and realize, nah, I can do this. I just need to look at today and let tomorrow worry about its own self. One of those things that can be done today is check-in with you, that’s a fun thing. You are brightening my day.

Today and tomorrow some serious behind the scenes work has to be completed. There is more to being an indie writer than just sitting down and writing on the story. There is some drudgery work, administrative in nature, as well as some of the more everyday type things that we all do. Like yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom, you know the whole bathroom, not just wiping down a counter and picking up a towel. (Shudder)

Hoping before bedtime to finish my list who and what to do for list before Christmas gets here, and wondering who won’t mind if their gift is late. You know, finding the loose end that needs to be tied up. Oh, and getting ready for the audio release of the children’s book, Snowball, that I won’t know has been dropped until it already has, I think.

Yeah, that kind of stuff.

I can’t really complain too much or too loudly because I am learning so so much in all this. Maybe in another ten years I will be getting the hang of it all. Looking forward to the day that my writing skill and business management all converge at a critical point that might be loosely called ‘success’ by others.

Right now I am feeling pretty successful. Two books out, and an audio version about to drop. I call that a success! Still going, maybe even stronger in someways than that first day in July 2014 when Snowball was available as an ebook.

Thanks for your support. Keep reading!

Love ya,


So, I thought I flubbed this! BUT I DIDN’T!

I found a contest that I could enter to help pay for some software I could use. But. I think I flubbed it.  I didn’t enter the right email and then I see “pending review” so I “backed” out of it and re-entered.  But  I may get disqualified, because it they both may go through and that would be WRONG.

Any way.  Here is the entry and the website. Please go vote for me.

Look for ‘byjuliekolb’ and vote for me!


The website – www.bohoberry.com/

My entry is I believe – #169834309   – THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED SEE THE LINK IN BLUE ABOVE ! contest entry

Here is the entry – note the contest entry doesn’t allow much space – the entries are very compact so this was written to give the reader space and time to think.

I am a writer, . . . and novice artist, and everything else. Under my belt are two children stories, which are part of a five book promise for my grandchildren. This coming year a story for grownups is the work in progress.
My beloved wheel of life Hub and I formed our business in 2014 to publish my first book, an easy early chapter book, Snowball, a story written for my granddaughter.
When I was working on Snowball, I drew rough images to show a real artist for chapter illustrations. My granddaughter served as an editor and got to see them before I sought out real artists who could do the ideas justice. Those drawings were edited with a sweet critique telling me what I could do to make those scratches look better. I realized then that she would expect to see those from me! The whole book was for her, with all my work alone. That was a big deal! I did make those tweaks to my scribblings and we published July 2014.
This past October, we published a picture book, Bad Dream. Why a two year break in publishing? Well, I am an adventurous grandma and was trying to hop tree roots on a mountain bicycle, and found I don’t do that well. I broke both bones of my forearm!
Did I mention I am in my fifties? I am. The break required a surgical repair. Now not only do I have people wondering what that woman is doing now, (Wonder Woman, get it?), but I am also a bit bionic as well, at least in one forearm!
The accident happened when I was beginning to learn how to draw, so I had to restart learning to draw with my non-dominant hand while going through physical therapy to regain use of my dominant hand. It set me back a year.
Bad Dream was published this past October 2017. Currently my work in progress is for grown-ups, a story I started writing as a Halloween post back in 2012 for my blog.
Why do I need to win this contest? I need to purchase a lot of things, software to make creating books easier, especially being able to create my own covers. Advertising, because not many people know who I am or what I do. Also, research, always research – research to become a better writer, to check story facts and build this still fledgling business!
Because I write for both children and adults, I make it easy to know what tales are appropriate for youngins, “By Julie Kolb,” and what is a story for a more mature audience, “J.Kolb.” I want to know what and who I am buying, don’t you?
If you have stayed with me through this short essay, I want to leave you with links to find my written work and check me out. So, here goes. For By Julie Kolb: blog, http://www.byjuliekolb.com; Facebook @kolbjulie; Twitter, @byjuliekolb. For J. Kolb: blog, http://www.j-kolb.com; Facebook, @ReadJKolb; Twitter, @jdotkolb. Thanks for reading! Love you! Julie

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