Reactionary Much?

Why has our society become so . . . reaction oriented? Not that wrongs shouldn’t be righted, but why are we so spontaneously unwilling to listen to the other side? Why are we so adamant that our way is the only right way?

When did we stop trying to find the win-win for us all? When did we stop being aware that others have a viewpoint, perspective that is valid even if we don’t agree with it?

We have become a society of bullies, which is ironic since so many of us are concerned about bullying while in the next breath without self awareness we bully our friends and family when they no longer agree wholeheartedly with us.

Is everyone so peeved that they are taking their balls home, only to come back with a baseball bat? If I were to draw a editorial comic strip that would be the series of images I would put on an editorial page. That’s my sense of what’s the rage on social media.

A societal need to meditate and pray or what ever spiritual renewal needed to instill as much kindness as we can muster for one another. We all need to sigh. Sigh, as my daughter advises me when my emotional temperature is off the chart, so we don’t explode.

Because, people, we are about to explode. We are ostracizing our selves. While we express our thoughts and share our viewpoints, we should also try to be compassionate to the other side.

Myself? I am just as guilty in over reacting; going with my knee-jerk reaction (emphasis on jerk). It is a tough decision to make, whether to react immediately or just allow the response to peak and calm inside; to open our minds before we open our mouths. I fail at making the right choice sometimes, too.

It is something I am working on.


It’s All About Me!

Dear Diary,


Well, duh! Of course it is! My life is at least.

Tried conventional higher education for the, ooh . . . I’ve lost count the number of times.  It has finally sunk in that it works against my priorities, most of the time.

That does not in any way have diddly to do with its value or place in society.  It is and was designed to education and develop the minds of a much younger person.  Still, the contents are worth at least review; yes, even now.

From age, experiences, which make up wisdom, my perspective has changed.  Something college reminded me can happen. Yes, even new perspectives or deepening of some old ones.

How I use that knowledge may have changed while I was forgetting some things that could be applicable and useful in a different way today —if I can just remember them.

So this year has changed me, for the better, I hope.



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